Hailing from Melbourne, Ellie Can’t Swim is a dynamic ensemble of musical virtuosos, blending the infectious energy of rock with the melodic allure of pop. With each member bringing their unique flair to the stage, Ellie Can’t Swim delivers a sonic experience that captivates audiences and leaves them craving more.

At the helm of the band’s sonic voyage are Tynan and Lachie, masterfully wielding their guitars to create intricate riffs and soaring melodies that define the band’s signature sound. Toby’s pulsating basslines provide the backbone of each composition, driving the rhythm forward with unwavering precision. Mateo’s powerhouse drumming adds a layer of intensity and groove, while Raoul’s skillful keyboard arrangements infuse each song with depth and texture.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, the Wombats, and MGMT, Ellie Can’t Swim crafts music that seamlessly bridges the gap between indie rock and infectious pop hooks. Their songs are a testament to their eclectic tastes and their ability to push the boundaries of genre conventions.

Having graced the stages of iconic venues such as the Evelyn Hotel and the Northcote Social Club, Ellie Can’t Swim has garnered a reputation for their electrifying live performances. With their infectious energy and undeniable stage presence, they command the attention of audiences and leave them spellbound from start to finish.

As they continue to carve their path in the music scene, Ellie Can’t Swim invites listeners to join them on a journey of sonic exploration, where every chord, beat, and lyric is a testament to their unwavering passion for music and their dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity.